A new age of battery recycling

At Li Industries, we are building battery recycling technologies that enable greater automation, competitiveness, and sustainability.

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Our Solutions

We work with LIB manufacturers, cathode producers, battery recyclers, battery collectors, and more to build advanced technologies that help our partners find greater efficiencies in their supply chains.
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Smart Battery Sorting
Our Smart Battery Sorting solutions automate battery identification and separation using artificial intelligence and a suite of robust measurement techniques. These systems are capable of separating batteries by specific chemistry with greater accuracy, higher speeds, and lower cost than traditional methods.
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Direct Li-ion Battery Recycling
Our innovative direct recycling process isolates the various components from spent lithium-ion batteries and regenerates them into commercial-grade battery materials for reuse. This novel recycling method is more cost effective and sustainable than others.
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Creating a truly circular economy

Our technology solutions focus on finding greater efficiencies in the current battery recycling supply chain. We are able to drive meaningful cost savings while also ushering in a new era of environmental sustainability.

Smarter recycling approach
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A tech-first, automated approach to battery recycling

We embrace the newest technologies to automate traditionally manual processes, resulting in lower costs, greater accuracy, and increased predictability over the supply chain.

Our mission is to make recycling available to all.

We believe in a world where efficient recycling processes aren't a nice-to-have but are rather the standard.
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