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We are a start-up focused on improving the environmental impact of batteries through innovative recycling processes for battery materials. We are looking for a motivated and resourceful scientist or engineer to help us develop our technologies that are essential for improving the sustainability of portable electronics and electric mobility.

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Research Engineer

Job Description

Design and evaluate processes for the safe, economical, and environmentally beneficial recycling of battery materials. Responsibilities will include designing and specifying equipment and processes as well as developing and executing experiments to validate process yield, throughput, and quality.

Key Responsibilities
  • Design and specify equipment for the battery recycling process

  • Perform laboratory testing of materials processing

  • Operate and troubleshoot prototype equipment

  • Design and execute experiments

Candidates must have the following
  • MS degree in Mechanical, Chemical, or Materials Engineering or closely related field (GPA > 3.0)

  • Previous hands-on experience with process equipment or laboratory instruments

  • Resourceful, solution-focused approach to problem solving

  • Ability to manage time in accordance with project goals and timelines

  • Ability to work both independently and with other team members to achieve goals

Ideal candidates will have the following
  • Experience with design of experiments

  • Experience in electrochemistry or materials processing

  • Ability to research manufacturing processes and methods

  • Strong communication skills

  • Proficiency using CAD tools

  • Extensive experience with programmable logic controllers

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