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We believe in the importance of recycling as an essential part of the infrastructure to enable clean energy products.

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Who we are

Li Industries is an innovative cleantech company focused on developing next-generation lithium-ion battery recycling technologies to improve the sustainability of the overall lithium-ion battery lifecycle. Our work is motivated by our desire to resolve the numerous issues and challenges surrounding current recycling processes, including negative environmental ramifications, unattractive economics, labor safety problems, and, most importantly, the very low rate of recycling today. 

In pursuit of our mission, we are committed to accelerating a path to truly scalable and automated direct battery recycling, a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective recycling option. We work with lithium-ion battery manufacturers, cathode producers, battery recyclers, battery collectors, and others to provide greater efficiencies and better economics in the critical materials supply chains for lithium-ion batteries. We are dedicated to tackling the challenges of recycling in order to create a truly circular economy where efficient and effective recycling processes aren't a nice-to-have but are rather the standard.

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