Direct Li-Ion Battery Recycling

Revolutionizing lithium-ion battery recycling to enable more lucrative and environmentally friendly solutions.

Commercial performance at a lower cost

Our recycling solution separates and regenerates cathode materials direction from end-of-life lithium-ion batteries. Our recycled cathode materials provide commercial-grade performance at a fraction of the cost of competing virgin materials.

Battery header
Battery charging

Greater control and predictability

We make your materials supply chain local and give you more control over your materials sourcing.

On the forefront of environmental sustainability

Our process is truly environmentally friendly. We avoid high energy and high polluting recycling processes that can generate significant waste, such as CO2 and SOx emissions.

Recycling battery

Our Direct Recycling Technology

Our innovative recycling technology utilizes an environmentally friendly three-step process to generate high quality battery materials for reuse.

Batteries are safely discharged for further processing.

Battery components are separated using our proprietary separation method.

Cathode and anode waste are regenerated to produce commercial-grade materials.

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