Smart Battery Sorting

Automated battery sorting that improves costs, accuracy, speed, and reliability.

Our SBS Solution

Smart Battery Sorting serves battery collectors, sorters, and recyclers who need to sort traditional battery waste streams by battery chemistry in a more streamlined manner.

Physical and chemical features of the battery are detected using sensors that are reliable in a robust operational environment.

Our proprietary software utilizes machine learning to analyze and sort batteries with high accuracy and speed.

Sorted batteries are automatically aggregated for storage and transportation.

Why Smart Battery Sorting?

Our Smart Battery Sorting solution demonstrates far greater benefits over the alternatives in the industry and is supported by by the Department of Energy's Battery Recycling Prize.
Smart Sorting
Manual sorting
Vision sorting

Data Collected

Shape, size, weight, and elemental composition.

Label, shape, size, and outlook

Label, shape, size, and weight

Sorting Output

6+ categories: (1) Non- LIBs; (2) LIBs (LCO); (3) LIBs (NCA) (4) LIBs (NCM); (5) LIBs (LFP) (6) LIBs (LMO)

7 categories: (1) Alkaline / Zinc carbon; (2) NiMH; (3) Ni-Cd; (4) LIBs; (5) Button Cells; (6) 6 V Batteries; (7) Lead Batteries

4 categories: (1) Alkaline, (2) NiMH; (3) NiCd; (4) Primary LIBs










~2,000/batteries per hour

~800 batteries/hour

~10,000 batteries/hour

Key Cost Factors

Sensors, mechanical parts ($10-$20k)

Well-trained workers ($150-$200k/yr)

Sensors, mechanical parts ($10k-$20k)

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